We left Dar es Salaam in the morning.  Everyone was excited.

There was non-stop talking.  There were over 20 students on the bus. Mr. Neil put us in groups by grades.  Ms. Ruth was sick so she could not make the trip.  Ms. Alesha had to fill in for her.  My dad was the coach.  When we got on the bus I sat next to my best friend Carmen.  We talked almost the entire way to the airport.  My family also traveled with me because they wanted to see me play.

The flight to Moshi was only an hour, 20 minutes taking off, 20 minutes in the air and 20 minutes landing.  When we landed and went to the airport everyone was shocked because they thought it would be cold.


The bus ride was ok, but not the best because the bus was shaking and the seats were not very comfortable. But, the closer we got, the better the view was.  There were rocks with water flowing on top of them and a beautiful river under a bridge we crossed.

When we arrived at the International School of Moshi, there were a few high school students came to take us to our rooms.  We had to sleep in classrooms because they didn’t have any extra dorms.  They have dorms because they are a boarding school.

We quickly changed and went out to play games that the high school students organized.  We played kickball, Capture the Flag and football. Then we had practice.  After practice we had lunch.  After resting for a little while, we had dinner.  Then we slept.  All of this was Friday.  Then Saturday morning we woke up at 6:00 because the swimmers started their competition around 7:00.  The swimming meets were very competitive.  All of the schools were cheering.  They were singing different songs.  People were up jumping all around.  It was crazy.  All of the swimmers did their best.  Some of the IST swimmers won medals.   Later we had lunch.  After lunch it was time for football.

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Before we started the game I looked at the field.  There was dust everywhere!  There was very little grass on the field.  It was also boiling hot! But, I know that no matter what terms and conditions you find yourself in you have to stay committed. I was in team 2.  The first team we played against was The International School of Moshi.  They were tough and tall. We lost, but we had fun playing.  The score was one to zero.   The next team we played against was from our school, IST team 1.  We played our hardest.  We lost again.  The score was one to zero.

IMG_2685In the next match we played against Morogoro. Neither team scored, but we had many chances.  We tried our best.  Then we played against ISM Arusha.  That was our lucky game.  We played hard!  Maya, a grade 5 student scored an amazing goal.   First, I passed her the ball.  Then, she shot the ball as hard as she could and magically, the ball went into the goal!  We all screamed our heads off.  My dad, the coach was jumping, my uncle was jumping, my aunt, my mom, my brother, everyone was jumping and screaming.  It was crazy.  That is how much one goal can make a difference.  Everyone was happy.  Then we played a match against St. Constantine.    They were big and tough!  They even did a foul against one of our really good players, Lily.  One of the players kicked her in the stomach.  We were upset, but continued to play.  We lost the game, but we had a lot of fun.


After the game we went to a disco.  It was so fun hanging out with my friends, but I think the pizza I ate was rotten or something because the next day I was sick.  I went home with my parents.  I will remember the fun time I had in Moshi.

Written by Amal, Pictures by Georgios

Amal is a Grade 4 student at IST
Georgios is a Grade 4 Student at IST

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