Written by Georgios

The Travel to Moshi

The day before we were to travel to Moshi,  I came to school and everyone asked me “did you pack for Moshi yet?” I did not.  I then knew everyone who was going to Moshi was really excited.  At recess everyone who was going to Moshi wanted to practice.   But what about the others who were not going to Moshi but wanted to play soccer? I felt bad for them. Everyone was in full focus, even me! Then for lunch break I stayed and played with my friends because I didn’t want to waste most of my lunch recess arguing on the pitch.  This never ends well! Then when the bell rang we had to go to art class. That was a tough time because no one on my table was going to Moshi.  I didn’t know how they felt about Moshi and  I didn’t know what they were saying about it.  As you can see I was also excited for Moshi.  When I came home I packed but, I felt guilty because I was the only one that didn’t pack straight away after we got the email with everything you need to bring for the trip. I brought my flying teddy that I bring on trips. It’s a ball with a cool face.  His name is Booallin because he looks Booallin and he’s a ball, like a bean ball.  I like him because you can throw him around  and play catch with friends.  It was a good plan to bring him because I was going to play catch in the room with him and all my friends there. Some people tried to throw him in the trash as a contest when I was in the shower.  Whatever!!

Friday Morning

Friday morning I woke up doing push ups in bed and  saying Moshi, Moshi and Moshi  in my head.  I tried to eat as quick as I could to get ready for Moshi.  When I got to school everyone came to watch us leave.  I have good news and bad news about that.  Here is the good news:  some people who were staying behind were smiling but the bad news is some people who were staying behind were also crying.  That made me feel sad.  We got in the bus and  at least someone brought an Ipad. It made the trip even more fun.  He was kind enough to let all of  us play and listen. Next thing you know, you see me getting nudged as a joke. We got to the airport and everyone bought sweets, chocolate and gum. It was like a dream come true! Because everyone was giving sweets to each other and eating sweets.

On the plane the guy who nudged me was next to me again! But that time at least I wasn’t the only one getting nudged.  Someone else was also getting nudged.  It still hurts though. Then we arrived in Moshi. We saw our rivals getting out on the other side of the plane.  Some of them were actually my friends.  We had to sit on the same bus as them, but we weren’t happy because they made lots of noise . When I got in the bus I was sitting next to the nudgy person again!  It’s like the teachers wanted me to get nudged.  The nice thing was that we all arrived safely and with a stomach full of sweets!

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Written by: Georgios

Georgios is a Grade 4 student at IST

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