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We left Dar es Salaam in the morning.  Everyone was excited.

There was non-stop talking.  There were over 20 students on the bus. Mr. Neil put us in groups by grades.  Ms. Ruth was sick so she could not make the trip.  Ms. Alesha had to fill in for her.  My dad was the coach.  When we got on the bus I sat next to my best friend Carmen.  We talked almost the entire way to the airport.  My family also traveled with me because they wanted to see me play.

The flight to Moshi was only an hour, 20 minutes taking off, 20 minutes in the air and 20 minutes landing.  When we landed and went to the airport everyone was shocked because they thought it would be cold.


The bus ride was ok, but not the best because the bus was shaking and the seats were not very comfortable. But, the closer we got, the better the view was.  There were rocks with water flowing on top of them and a beautiful river under a bridge we crossed.

When we arrived at the International School of Moshi, there were a few high school students came to take us to our rooms.  We had to sleep in classrooms because they didn’t have any extra dorms.  They have dorms because they are a boarding school.

We quickly changed and went out to play games that the high school students organized.  We played kickball, Capture the Flag and football. Then we had practice.  After practice we had lunch.  After resting for a little while, we had dinner.  Then we slept.  All of this was Friday.  Then Saturday morning we woke up at 6:00 because the swimmers started their competition around 7:00.  The swimming meets were very competitive.  All of the schools were cheering.  They were singing different songs.  People were up jumping all around.  It was crazy.  All of the swimmers did their best.  Some of the IST swimmers won medals.   Later we had lunch.  After lunch it was time for football.

Copy of IMG_2630  Copy of IMG_6826

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Before we started the game I looked at the field.  There was dust everywhere!  There was very little grass on the field.  It was also boiling hot! But, I know that no matter what terms and conditions you find yourself in you have to stay committed. I was in team 2.  The first team we played against was The International School of Moshi.  They were tough and tall. We lost, but we had fun playing.  The score was one to zero.   The next team we played against was from our school, IST team 1.  We played our hardest.  We lost again.  The score was one to zero.

IMG_2685In the next match we played against Morogoro. Neither team scored, but we had many chances.  We tried our best.  Then we played against ISM Arusha.  That was our lucky game.  We played hard!  Maya, a grade 5 student scored an amazing goal.   First, I passed her the ball.  Then, she shot the ball as hard as she could and magically, the ball went into the goal!  We all screamed our heads off.  My dad, the coach was jumping, my uncle was jumping, my aunt, my mom, my brother, everyone was jumping and screaming.  It was crazy.  That is how much one goal can make a difference.  Everyone was happy.  Then we played a match against St. Constantine.    They were big and tough!  They even did a foul against one of our really good players, Lily.  One of the players kicked her in the stomach.  We were upset, but continued to play.  We lost the game, but we had a lot of fun.


After the game we went to a disco.  It was so fun hanging out with my friends, but I think the pizza I ate was rotten or something because the next day I was sick.  I went home with my parents.  I will remember the fun time I had in Moshi.

Written by Amal, Pictures by Georgios

Amal is a Grade 4 student at IST
Georgios is a Grade 4 Student at IST

My Migration Story

I was born on Tuesday, February 7, 2006  in Germany at Cologne with my dad by my side and me on my mom’s soft hands. It was so cold in Germany because I was born in winter. My mom called me Lilian. But for short called me Lilly.


My family and I  stayed for two years in Germany. When I was one, I was already in kindergarten. In kindergarten I tried to walk, but then I hit my head on the door.  My whole head was bleeding. Then my teacher called my mom and dad and said “Lilly’s head is bleeding!”. So my mom and dad came to my school.  When my mom and dad saw me, my mom screamed at my dad.  We rushed to the doctor as fast as we could. Then the doctor put special glue on my wound. The doctor  said that I should not touch the wound because if I did touch it, my hand or finger will stick on my forehead forever. I said “that glue is very sticky”. And that was what I remembered most about my 2 years in Germany. In 2008 my family and I moved to Ghana. I was so sad because I had to leave all my friends and family members behind and I was just two years old.   When we moved to Ghana we got a nice green house.

My mom and dad knew I loved pets,especially dogs.  So my family and I went to get a dog. My mom got to choose . My mom already knew the dog she wanted. She wanted a puppy. There was a puppy in a cage alone.  It looked so sad. It looked like it needed an owner and it looked like it needed love. So my mom chose that puppy.  “What should  we call her mom?” I said. “Banku” my mom said.  Perfect, welcome to the family Banku. Then I went to the cage were the puppy was. I gave the puppy a big hug and a lot of love. It was so cute. My mom gave the shopkeeper the money. I was so happy that I had a real puppy. After that very nice experience my mom said it was time for me to go to school. I was happy when I heard that. So one day my mom went to her job and dad looked after me because he did not have a job, but also because I was too young to stay alone.

While my mom was at work she asked her colleagues where we could find a good school and one of them said ”There is one school that is the best school in Ghana.” So my mom took me to the school. When I came back from my first day of school I cried so loud that my mother said I was crying loud enough to break a glass bottle. I could not say what was wrong because I couldn’t talk yet. So my mom’s first thought was I just needed to get used to the school since I was so young.

So she waited. But then every day when my mom came to pick me up she saw me crying. So then my mom knew it was a bad school. My mom got me out of that bad school.  On our way home my mom saw some pictures on a different school wall.

baby2We went in to look at that school. From the beginning my mom and I liked it. It was called Kiddies Coop.  On my first day of school I did not cry.  That’s when my family and I knew the school was going to be the best school ever.  I stayed in Kiddies Coop for 1 year.  And it was the best school indeed.


My mother got pregnant in Ghana, but she did not want to have my brother in Ghana because in Ghana they did not have good hospitals. So we all went to Germany again so my mom could have my brother. I was so happy that I was getting a new brother. When we were at the hospital we all saw my small brother. My brother was so cute.  My family and I  stayed for four weeks with my brother  in Germany.

After that very exciting hospital adventure we went back to Ghana and stayed there for another 1 year. When I was 5 my family moved to Masasi. Masasi is a place in the south of Tanzania. After a few months, my mom became pregnant again. She had my sister in her belly.  

When we were finally in Tanzania people kept on saying “mzungu”. I did not know what it meant.  Then my mother told me that they were speaking Kiswahili. My family did not know Kiswahili yet. One day I went out of our gate and two girls came running to me. We quickly became friends.  Those girls also taught me how to speak Kiswahili. They would write words in the sand for me. Their names were Aisha and Zakia.

After I was fluent in Kiswahili I went to Migongo Pre-primary school  on the top of a hill in Masasi. Every day we went to school with a bajaji. A bajaji is a vehicle that is used as a taxi. It was a very nice school.  After finishing the school I had to leave for primary school. This school was called Mc Donald Primary School. In the beginning it was nice, but then they started to hit us with bamboo sticks.  Also, every day we ate rice and beans for lunch. I hated that school! and when my dad found out that they were beating us, he took me from the school and taught me at home for some weeks.

Besides this experience, I loved my time in Masasi. We played so many nice games like dota, lede and mbao. I loved my friends Aisha and Zakia. My brother’s best friend was called Eddie. He lived with us for 6 months because his mother couldn’t take care of him. He was like a brother to us.

Lil family

Lenny and Eddy always played with all the grasshoppers in our garden. They called them Makitete.  When they found one, they would catch it and pull off their wings and let them go.


Then, it was close to the time for my mom to have my baby sister.  My mom told us she wanted to have my sister in Germany because Masasi did not have good hospitals either. So my mom went to Germany alone to have  my sister.

When my mom had my sister she stayed with her for 6 weeks in Germany. Then they came back to Masasi.  We stayed 2 and a half more years with my sister in Masasi. Then, suddenly my family had to leave because my dad’s contract was over. So, we packed our bags, went to the airport in masasi and went back to Germany.

I saw all my friends again in Germany . But I had to leave behind my friends in Masasi. I was so so sad. In Germany we found a very nice school. I was in grade one.  In grade one I learned how to read and write in German.  The school also had an after school program where you could do art or other things.  The school had a very nice playground. I had very good friends.  I  liked playing spy a lot.   My favorite thing to do in school was playing.

We stayed for 3 months in Germany and then went back to Tanzania.   This time we  went to  Dar es Salaam. There we found a very nice white house and a very nice school called International School of Tanganyika. Then I did a test with a teacher to find out which class I was going  to. After the test was finished, the teacher told me I was going in grade three. I was so happy that I was going in grade three.  My first day of school I saw so many people at IST.  At break I was worried that I would not have anyone to play with,  but then I met a girl. Her name was Chloe.  She was in my class. I played with Chloe every day. She became my best friend. Chloe showed me her friends, Valentine and Mehek.

Valentine and Mehek also became my friends.  They  were also in my class. Then my teacher told me that a new girl was coming her name was Dzidzor. My friends and I were so happy that another girl was coming because we just had two girls in my class. When Dzidzor came she was already our friend. Soon, it was my BIRTHDAY!!! I was turning nine. I had a very nice party.  I had a slide and we swam in my huge pool. But Dzidzor forgot her swimming costume so I gave her one of my swimming costumes. Then we went in my house to play musical statues. After that  it was time for everyone to go home. That was the best birthday of my life.

One year later I went to grade 4. There in grade 4 I found more friends. AND ON AND ON  

And that my dear friends was the story of my life.                    

Written by Lily

Lily is a Grade 4 student at IST


Written by Georgios

The Travel to Moshi

The day before we were to travel to Moshi,  I came to school and everyone asked me “did you pack for Moshi yet?” I did not.  I then knew everyone who was going to Moshi was really excited.  At recess everyone who was going to Moshi wanted to practice.   But what about the others who were not going to Moshi but wanted to play soccer? I felt bad for them. Everyone was in full focus, even me! Then for lunch break I stayed and played with my friends because I didn’t want to waste most of my lunch recess arguing on the pitch.  This never ends well! Then when the bell rang we had to go to art class. That was a tough time because no one on my table was going to Moshi.  I didn’t know how they felt about Moshi and  I didn’t know what they were saying about it.  As you can see I was also excited for Moshi.  When I came home I packed but, I felt guilty because I was the only one that didn’t pack straight away after we got the email with everything you need to bring for the trip. I brought my flying teddy that I bring on trips. It’s a ball with a cool face.  His name is Booallin because he looks Booallin and he’s a ball, like a bean ball.  I like him because you can throw him around  and play catch with friends.  It was a good plan to bring him because I was going to play catch in the room with him and all my friends there. Some people tried to throw him in the trash as a contest when I was in the shower.  Whatever!!

Friday Morning

Friday morning I woke up doing push ups in bed and  saying Moshi, Moshi and Moshi  in my head.  I tried to eat as quick as I could to get ready for Moshi.  When I got to school everyone came to watch us leave.  I have good news and bad news about that.  Here is the good news:  some people who were staying behind were smiling but the bad news is some people who were staying behind were also crying.  That made me feel sad.  We got in the bus and  at least someone brought an Ipad. It made the trip even more fun.  He was kind enough to let all of  us play and listen. Next thing you know, you see me getting nudged as a joke. We got to the airport and everyone bought sweets, chocolate and gum. It was like a dream come true! Because everyone was giving sweets to each other and eating sweets.

On the plane the guy who nudged me was next to me again! But that time at least I wasn’t the only one getting nudged.  Someone else was also getting nudged.  It still hurts though. Then we arrived in Moshi. We saw our rivals getting out on the other side of the plane.  Some of them were actually my friends.  We had to sit on the same bus as them, but we weren’t happy because they made lots of noise . When I got in the bus I was sitting next to the nudgy person again!  It’s like the teachers wanted me to get nudged.  The nice thing was that we all arrived safely and with a stomach full of sweets!

Moshi Pictures on PhotoPeach

Written by: Georgios

Georgios is a Grade 4 student at IST