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Life is Art

Art is Life is a new Activity led by Emma, Redict and Monica in Grade 5.  The activity meets every Friday in room 5MCA.  The 3 Grade 5 students teach students in Grades1 and 2 art and craft activities.  The materials they usually us are paper, clay, markers, pipe cleaners others.

I pulled aside Emma to get more information.  She said, “I chose to lead this activity because I thought it would be fun.  Leading this activity also makes me feel more confident.”



Basketball is an interactive game filled with many rules and concepts.  Every Thursday Grade 2 and 3 students learn how to play basketball.  For people who are new to basketball the game is thrilling and filled with many rules. For others who already play, it is a game they would like to play over and over again.  The players  had many things to say.

Nawal said, “I like it because it involves teamwork and communication and you get to know people.”


“I like working on a team.” Alexia

“I like working with Vania and Miko.  They pass and communicate and are good at scoring.” Theo

“If kids want to improve they have to listen and do their best.”  Mr. Marcolineo

Written by Naomi

Picture by Sania

Naomi and Sania are Grade 4 students at IST

New York

Once I went to New York on the 8th of feb,

It was nice and gleaming with the sun out on the left,

But soon as we got out i was frozen to death,

But guess what….


Since I have never seen snow,

I was so excited and happy,jumping in delight,

I went sledding down a hill full of snow,

and built a snowman with a carrot nose,

Got so many things can’t even count each one,

We went to many places and made so many great memories,

A few days later came back to dar,

I had so much fun,

Well that’s the end of New York

Written by : Saveesha, a Grade 4 student at IST

Lego Club

Join the Lego Club!  You can make a lot of stuff with your imagination.




I went to visit a few weeks ago.  I saw students making houses and building different machines like diggers.

Written by Sara

IMG_1105 (1)
Sara is a Grade 4 student at IST

Happy International Women’s Day

March 8th 2016 is International Women’s Day. On this day we wear purple and we celebrate the achievements  of women, peace and rights. Why are we celebrating the International day of women? We celebrate it because we are trying to make women and men equal. So men are not more important than women and women are not more important than men. That’s what GIZ  (German Society International Cooperation ) and other people will try to do.

(  I found the poster below on the internet Here)


International Women’s Day  is great because women around the world do  more  work than men. Another reason this is great because when I am older I want to have equal rights with men.   


 We love international women’s day, and people will do everything they can to help men and women be  equal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


Written By: Lily

IMG_1828 (1)
Lily is a Grade 4 student at IST