Our Trip To Moshi

Earlier this month, some Grade 4 and 5 students traveled to the International School of Moshi to participate in a sporting competition.  A few of the Young Journalist share their thoughts about the weekend below.

Moshi, written by Lily

This was the best day of my life.  Well, maybe the best day of my life.  I still have a long long life.  So, here is what happened on Friday.  Ok, first thing first, on the way to the school I was in……yes you guessed it TRAFFIC!  I thought I was going to be so late because I was in traffic, but I made it.  YEAH!!! My team was so happy to see me. And I was happy to see them!

Then came the hard part of saying goodbye to everyone staying. Although I was excited, my sister was not happy at all.  She was crying so, so much!  And because she was crying, I started crying! I knew I would miss her!

The bus ride was so much fun!  Some boys from Grade 5 were with the Grade 4 girls on the bus.  At first the people who did not bring headphones were sad, but then we told Salmen in Grade 5 to put the music on the head phones louder and he did!  That made it fun for everyone!

We listened to music the whole trip.  Well, not the whole trip.  After what felt like a year, we were finally at the airport.  We then stood for a long time.  When DIA arrived we played a little bit.  Then we finally got our tickets and waited some more for our flight. While we were waiting for our flight, my friend Emily from DIA got hyper from drinking Pepsi.  She started running all around the airport doing ballet.  Then we were finally in the plane.  We flew Fastjet!  I was sitting next to two boys.  OMG!!

After 45 minutes both of the schools were on the bus and ready to go to Moshi.  The road was very bumpy and people kept on hitting themselves on the windows.  We saw many animals like Donkeys, cowes, goats and sheep.  Some of the goats were in the street.  We were so close to them, I thought we were going to hit them with the bus!

Then one of the Grade 5 students started spraying people with his water bottle.  It was irritating to us.  It must have been irritating to Mr. Neil also because he told the student to stop!

We finally go to The International School Of Moshi.  It was beautiful!  I saw my friend Cleo there who was with her big sister and some friends.  Cleo was very happy.  They all helped us settle in.  Our room was small, but it was ok.  We put sleeping bag on the mattress and went to eat dinner.  We ate french fries and chicken with tomato sauce.  The food was ok.

After dinner there was a movie showing, but we had to wait a little.  All of my friends were in the front row.  I went t the back row with one of my friends.  We watched the movie The Good Dinosaur.  After a few minutes I went to the front and my friend went to her room to rest/sleep.  The movie was very sad.

The next day it was time for the match.  I was excited.  I thought we would win!  We all went to shower and brush our teeth.  Then, we went to eat.  The food was good, but not great!  After eating, it was time for the swimming team to do their thing!  The swim team mentioned that the pool was very, very cold.  There was a lot of cheering and yelling!  After all of the yelling and cheering, IST came in second and DIA came in first! That was fun!

Then FINALLY it was time to eat lunch.  And this time the food was much better then in the morning.  After we were all full, we headed to our room and put our football stuff on.  It was time for the match!

We were all excited and happy.  We all promised our self that we are not going to cry that much if we lost. We reminded each other that all that mattered was that we tried and had fun.  So, we were ready to do our best!

The first match was startling!  It wasn’t the best!  We played against The International School of Moshi.  And we……..LOST!  We were sad, but ready for the next match.  Then we played against IST team 2.  And we…..LOST!  Then we were ready for the next team.  “We can do this!”  Everyone said.  We played against Zambia.  And we finally WON! We were so, so happy!  Then we did our cheer!

The last two games were not that great.  But the last game we won.

This is a poem I wrote about the trip


Hot in the Morning, cold in the night

We had to work to keep our schedule tight.

Good food, but not great

Plus it gave me a stomach ache

Water from the ground, now that was cool

But now the match was starting


I played and played.

I could not stop

Believe me or not

But then we lost!

We went to our rooms without  fears

But in the end, we lost our braveness in our tears.

After that I remembered what we all said, “It wasn’t about winning or losing.  It was about fun and teamwork.”

And we had that ALOT!


Written by Lily

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Lily is a Grade 4 Student at IST




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