Monthly Archives: February 2016

KG – Activities we choose are influenced by age, interest and place.

The KG children have had opportunities to engage in games and activities as part of our current unit ‘where we are in time and place’. We have had discussions about how toys and games change as children grow and develop. The class timeline has helped children look at different ages (birth to 6 years) and understand the different play activities that babies and children choose.

We have visited various grade levels (grade 1, 3, 4 and 5) to gather data as part of our toy and activity survey. Children have had a chance to see how older classrooms are set up and ask students about their favourite activities. Grade 5 students also shared their ‘balloon powered car projects’ with the KG classes.

The visit to ‘Toy Kingdom’ and ‘Game’ was an exciting way to compare toys and games of different age groups and also learn about sorting and money.

Many thanks to our parent volunteers who helped us on our field trip.

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