Kindergarten News: 16th – 20th November

Reminder: Friday 27th November, KG assembly, KGW & KGG will lead the assembly with KGH & KGA taking on a smaller role.

The children have been continuing to dig deeper into our unit of inquiry, Sharing the Planet. This week we planted seeds and observed how they grew. The children have taken on the responsibility of caring for their seeds. We have carefully observed the growth of shoots, roots, stems and leaves. 

We had a visit from Miss Hannah, who is an avid scuba driver and photographer. She shared her knowledge, through an amazing collection of photos, of the interdependent relationships between ocean creatures. Thank you, Miss Hannah.

Thanks to all the parents who made it to the Morning of Mathematics on Wednesday. I hope it gave you a greater insight into how and what your child is learning in mathematics. 

As the children learn more about living things and how they share the planet, their curiosity is developing into specific areas of interest. In the library, the children used picture books to research their own questions. Through their own inquiries they are developing their knowledge of living things and how they depend on each other. 


KGG 16th – 20th November on PhotoPeach

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