Important Dates

Mark Your Calendars
for these
Upcoming Events in November

Coco Beach Field Trip

9  November-   KGA and KGG
10 November-  KGW and KGH

Don’t forget to sign and return the permission slip

Class Pictures

KGW-   Monday, 9 November
KGG-   Tuesday, 10 November
KGH-   Wednesday, 11 November
KGA–  Thursday, 12 November

Math Morning     Wednesday,    18 November     6:55am – 7:30am

 We will invite you in to participate in some of our math activities.

International Day     Friday, 13 November

Please send a small tupperware container that the students can put food in from the different international tables.  Please speak to your class parent if you would like to volunteer. 

KG Assembly       27 November   7:15am

All of the students will participate in 2 songs.  KGW and KGG will have a larger part in this assembly.  KGA and KGH will have a larger part later in the year.  More information will follow.


Please send your classroom teacher a message if any of this information is unclear.

As always, thank you for your continued support!


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