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Welcome to the International School of Tanganyika’s  Kindergarten information site. Here you will find what’s happening, student activities and much more. Please check back often and feel free to leave us a message with your ideas, links and good thoughts. Asante!

Kinder builds a library

As part of their last unit on systems and how systems work, Kinder classes thought about all the systems in the library.  They heard stories about the library, talked about their own times in the library, and, after listing some systems, started building their own libraries.

KG H lists some library systems, and puts a blue dot by the most important.
KG H lists some library systems, and puts a blue dot by the most important.
Building a library
Building a library
Making a computer
Making a computer
Third try at a 'good circle' for a clock.
Third try at a ‘good circle’ for a clock.
Adding signs to shelves
Adding signs to shelves


The library ladies are ready to check out books.
The library ladies are ready to check out books.
"I'd like to return this please."
“I’d like to return this please.”
Books going into 'the white box'.
Books going into the new  ‘white box’.
Running a read-aloud
Running a read-aloud with our home-made book.
Another teacher-librarian, reading aloud
Another teacher-librarian, reading aloud

Heard during library play this week —

“You already have 10 books at home, you can’t check out any more.”

“Do you know how to read this book?”

“I’m going to check a graphic novel today.”

“Line up and get ready to check out!”

“Can we read the whole day?”

Great question 🙂

Africa Live – Music Concert, Friday March 11

Keep your eyes open for the Friday March 11 Africa Live concert posters as they go up around the school in the next few days. This concert will feature music from Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana and Zimbabwe. All of kindergarten, grade two and grade four students will be performing with their grade groups followed by a mass choral piece accompanied by Mr. Breese. We look forward to seeing you there. – Music Department

Africa Live PDF

KG – Activities we choose are influenced by age, interest and place.

The KG children have had opportunities to engage in games and activities as part of our current unit ‘where we are in time and place’. We have had discussions about how toys and games change as children grow and develop. The class timeline has helped children look at different ages (birth to 6 years) and understand the different play activities that babies and children choose.

We have visited various grade levels (grade 1, 3, 4 and 5) to gather data as part of our toy and activity survey. Children have had a chance to see how older classrooms are set up and ask students about their favourite activities. Grade 5 students also shared their ‘balloon powered car projects’ with the KG classes.

The visit to ‘Toy Kingdom’ and ‘Game’ was an exciting way to compare toys and games of different age groups and also learn about sorting and money.

Many thanks to our parent volunteers who helped us on our field trip.

KGH – Toys, games and activities on PhotoPeach

Off To A Great Start

Happy New Year!

This Friday is Pajama Day!  Students can come to school in pajamas.   If your child has PE that day, please send in a set of PE clothing and a pair of shoes for PE.

Last week the elementary campus spent the day learning about the culture in Tanzania. They played Swahili games, watched Swahili cooking demonstrations, modeled Khangas and listened to a traditional Swahili story.
Celebrating Swahili Culture on PhotoPeach

We  welcomed our new reading buddies from 3B into our class last week.  We listened as they read to us.  Then we read to them.  We will meet with them every Wednesday!

Reading With Our Reading Buddies in 3B on PhotoPeach

Students have a great opportunity to spend time in special classes throughout the week.  Enjoy the video below of the time they spent in swimming classes last week.

Swimming in KGA on PhotoPeach

Thank you for your continued support!

Math Morning in KG

Last Wednesday students expertly showed their parents how maths is done in kindergarten. Students taught parents’ interactive games and activities, which focused on numeracy, shape, patterning, measurement and data handling.
Math Morning in KGW on PhotoPeach


KG Assembly – Friday, November 27:

This Friday is the first of two KG assemblies. It starts at 7:20 and will run roughly 30 minutes. KGG and KGW will host this assembly and KGH and KGA will host in March.

Art Class Tour – Friday, November 27:

06.50- 07.10 parents are welcome to come to the art rooms with their kiddos to have a look at their work.

Portfolio Showing – December 7-11:

All week parents are invited into look at their child’s portfolio with their child during morning drop off.




Kindergarten News: 16th – 20th November

Reminder: Friday 27th November, KG assembly, KGW & KGG will lead the assembly with KGH & KGA taking on a smaller role.

The children have been continuing to dig deeper into our unit of inquiry, Sharing the Planet. This week we planted seeds and observed how they grew. The children have taken on the responsibility of caring for their seeds. We have carefully observed the growth of shoots, roots, stems and leaves. 

We had a visit from Miss Hannah, who is an avid scuba driver and photographer. She shared her knowledge, through an amazing collection of photos, of the interdependent relationships between ocean creatures. Thank you, Miss Hannah.

Thanks to all the parents who made it to the Morning of Mathematics on Wednesday. I hope it gave you a greater insight into how and what your child is learning in mathematics. 

As the children learn more about living things and how they share the planet, their curiosity is developing into specific areas of interest. In the library, the children used picture books to research their own questions. Through their own inquiries they are developing their knowledge of living things and how they depend on each other. 


KGG 16th – 20th November on PhotoPeach

Coco Beach on PhotoPeach

The KG’s visit Coco Beach

This week the KG classes visited the rock pools on Coco Beach. The purpose of the visit was to get a rich first hand learning experience by observing the creatures that live in this natural habitat. The current unit of inquiry is ‘Sharing the Planet’ and children were able to learn about the characteristics of these living creatures, look at the concept of interdependence within the rock pools and also discuss the impact we can have on the environment.

The adults helped children record their observations and the final list included over twenty different types of creatures like starfish, sea urchins, a variety of crabs, sea snails, eels, lots of tiny fish, skinks and turtles.

Everyone had a great time looking for new species and were excited to share their knowledge and sightings with the rest of the group.

Thank you to all the parent helpers who came along and were a part of this outing. The extra adult support enabled children to have a safe and more individualized learning experience. Thank you also to Miss Hannah who accompanied both trips and all the information she gave us about the sea creatures.

Reminder: Math morning on the 18th and KGH still have their class photo scheduled on the 17th.

KG assembly on the 27th of November.

Important Dates

Mark Your Calendars
for these
Upcoming Events in November

Coco Beach Field Trip

9  November-   KGA and KGG
10 November-  KGW and KGH

Don’t forget to sign and return the permission slip

Class Pictures

KGW-   Monday, 9 November
KGG-   Tuesday, 10 November
KGH-   Wednesday, 11 November
KGA–  Thursday, 12 November

Math Morning     Wednesday,    18 November     6:55am – 7:30am

 We will invite you in to participate in some of our math activities.

International Day     Friday, 13 November

Please send a small tupperware container that the students can put food in from the different international tables.  Please speak to your class parent if you would like to volunteer. 

KG Assembly       27 November   7:15am

All of the students will participate in 2 songs.  KGW and KGG will have a larger part in this assembly.  KGA and KGH will have a larger part later in the year.  More information will follow.


Please send your classroom teacher a message if any of this information is unclear.

As always, thank you for your continued support!