Welcome to Grade 5

Welcome to the International School of Tanganyika’s  Grade 5 information site. Here you will find what’s happening, student activities and much more. Please check back often and feel free to leave us a message with your ideas, links and good thoughts. Asante!

Grade 5 Exhibition and the Library

Grade 5 has just wrapped up their Exhibition, which took place in the library and the music rooms last week.  Their exhibits demonstrated skills and passions that have been years in the making.  Below, a few scenes from the library, as well as just some of the skills that were demonstrated in the Final X, and which have been connected to library instruction throughout our students’ time in Elementary school.

First, the library had to be emptied out.
The Final X groups moved their boards and installations in, and set up their interactive exhibits on Wednesday.
They were ready for visitors on Thursday morning.
The fun starts.
Visiting schools being introduced to the Vertical Garden.
This group had contests, surveys, sign-up sheets, a written report, information to hand out and demonstrations.

The Exhibition requires research, leading to social or environmental action. Among the many, many skills on display, these have connections to past library sessions —

  • identifying a focus for research
  • reading for information
  • using deep and shallow questions
  • interviewing for information
  • organizing information into groups
  • using online resources
  • assessing the reliability of online resources
  • primary and secondary sources
  • plagiarism and fair use
  • citing
  • evaluating current events for timeliness
  • verifying information
  • using more than one type of source
  • fact vs. opinion
  • using diagrams
  • information from pictures
  • taking notes and paraphrasing

By the time IST students have reached Grade 5, they are familiar enough with these research skills to use them independently, as part of their Exhibition process.   We in the library are so proud of the children’s projects, where inquiry + passion has led to action.

gr 5 research poster
A grade 5 flowchart, showing ‘How We Research’, done before the Exhibition.