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Grade 4 – Decimals in the library

This week, Grade 4 students had one of their annual library sessions on finding books on the shelves.  They hunted for the books with the toughest call numbers to track down — nonfiction books.

To ease into it, we practiced ordering decimals.

Students explained how to put these numbers in a sequence from smallest to largest, using the language of place value for the decimals – tenths and hundredths.
They explained that we had to imagine a zero in the hundredth place to know where to put 333.7.
Students got their own cards to put in order. They had to notice the digits in the hundreds and the hundredths places to succeed.
We practiced with call numbers with decimals and three letters from the author’s last name.
Students then hunted the shelves for nonfiction books to match their cards.
They found them!
They found them!
They finished with talking to each other about what helped their hunt the most.
They finished with talking to each other about what most helped their hunt.

Students talked about finding a shelf that matched the hundreds digits on their card, then hunting the tens digit, etc.  They also said they used the call numbers to get to the general area, and then looked at titles.  They used the picture signs in the nonfiction section, and tried again if they got lost.

Ms. Karen congratulated them on finding the books with the toughest call numbers in the library!