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Grade 3 looks at news

Grade 3 students are inquiring into water as a finite resource,  and finding current information has become important to understanding what’s happening in Dar es Salaam and the world.

Classes came to the library last week to think about what it means for newspaper and magazine articles to be current and to look at online resources for news.


They used links from the IST Destiny homepage.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 10.12.54 am

Once students found an article they were interested in, they were asked to find the date and bring it back to the whole group.


Together again, we could talk about whether or not the pages had dates.  We looked at varied formats for the dates we found.


Some pages weren’t dated at all – and Grade 3 students realized that thinking about when an article was published is part of assessing whether or not it’s a good source for news.

Grade 3 hunts for books in the library

How do you find the books you want in the library?

Grade 3 practiced.  First we talked about how to find a call number on a book …


We then talked about how call numbers have clues – the kids told Ms. Choan that FIC means a book is in the Fiction section of the library.  E FIC means it’s in Early Fiction.  PB means you have to look in Picture Books.  There are more clues, they said. Look in a C box or on a C shelf if the author’s last name starts with C.


Students went hunting, using various call numbers on index cards.

Hunting for Picture Books
Hunting for Picture Books
Hunting for Early Fiction
Finding Fiction
Finding Fiction








Once partners found books using sample call numbers, they started hunting for the books they wanted on Destiny, our online catalog.  They copied the call numbers from the online record, and tracked down the books they wanted.

Screen Shot adj copy

A good deal of checking out ensued.