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Friday grade 3 assembly

Friday, April 22, 3B and 3R will present their learning from the year in an interactive session over periods 1 and 2. Grades 4 and 5 will come to see the demonstrations during period 1 and grade 2 and 3W and 3H will come during period 2. The students will be in different locations around the new covered court. Parents are welcome at any time from 7:20-8:40.

Andre Bald speaking about water

Grade 3 is learning about how water is used by different groups in society and how some people have limited access to clean water. Mr. Andre Bald, with the World Bank and father of Alila (and Avery),IMG_5838 came to help the students understand all of the demandIMG_5835s on water. We learned that Tanzania gets 40% of its electricity from hydroelectric power stations and how we need to balance the need to protect the water for our natural resources as well as provide enough water for cities, factories, and farms. He led the students inIMG_5844 an activity to encourage protecting trees and balancing water usage among all of the users. The activity was very thought provoking.

Where We Are In Place and Time

Dear Grade 3 Families,

Where We Are In Time and Place is our fourth unit of inquiry. We are studying inspirational people and how they have changed the world. The students look at the different contributions people have made, how they were influenced by the events happening in society at the time they were living, and how the issues that were present at that time influenced them to take action. The different factors that lead people to take action and the changes in society resulting from these actions are discussed. We examine different perspectives including the question of whether a person is a hero to everyone or not and how people are affected differently by the same actions. We also look at how we can influence our communities and the responsibility we have to make a positive influence. Our Central Idea is “Throughout history, people have made contributions which have influenced our present world.”

We began our unit by asking students to talk with their parents about inspirational people from their cultures. As the students shared this information, other students were able to learn about different cultural heroes, as well as a bit of history. Then Mr. Haule and Ms. Rose gave a presentation on a local hero, John Magafuli, who has made big changes in his short time as president. They also talked about his influence in government for the past twenty years and how his strong personal qualities led to his election.

magafuli IMG_1984

Who We Are unit

Dear Grade 3 Families,

In our third unit, Who We Are, Grade 3 students are studying the form and structure of six of the systems in the human body. The students are learning about the muscular, skeletal, nervous, digestive, circulatory, and respiratory systems and how the systems are connected to each other. The students are also looking at reasons for differences in human bodies, which will allow for a more personal inquiry. The central idea is Our Bodies Have a Shared Physiology But Each Person Is Unique.

Grade 3 students will be learning research skills including collecting, interpreting, and presenting data about human bodies. They will be looking for differences in physiology and exploring how problems affect people differently, as well as gaining an appreciation for those differences. The students will learn more about how to respect and care for their bodies. While working in groups, they will work on cooperation and resolving conflict.

This unit is being integrated with PE and Art. In PE, the students will focus on fitness and health and how these differ between people. In Art, students will make 3D sculptures of body systems in small groups, requiring cooperation and planning.

Thank you for your continued support,

IST Grade 3 Teachers