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Grade 3 looks at news

Grade 3 students are inquiring into water as a finite resource,  and finding current information has become important to understanding what’s happening in Dar es Salaam and the world.

Classes came to the library last week to think about what it means for newspaper and magazine articles to be current and to look at online resources for news.


They used links from the IST Destiny homepage.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 10.12.54 am

Once students found an article they were interested in, they were asked to find the date and bring it back to the whole group.


Together again, we could talk about whether or not the pages had dates.  We looked at varied formats for the dates we found.


Some pages weren’t dated at all – and Grade 3 students realized that thinking about when an article was published is part of assessing whether or not it’s a good source for news.

Sharing the Planet

Dear Grade 3 Families,

We are excited to be launching our new unit of inquiry this week! The trans-disciplinary theme is Sharing the Planet. Over the next six weeks we’ll be considering the importance of water in our daily lives and as a resource necessary for all living things. Students will be inquiring into the water cycle, how water is distributed on Earth along with its varying levels of accessibility, human impact on water, and ways that we can use resources wisely.

This week’s homework is to collect data about home water use for one day. We’ll use this information to reflect on the significance of water, to self-assess personal use of water, and to compare differing levels of use.

As the unit continues, students will have the opportunity to learn about water-related issues around the world and to explore possible solutions for some of those problems.

In writing, students will develop their persuasive writing skills to educate others about importance of water and how to take care of water responsibly.  

This unit will help students become more aware of our natural resources and hopefully become more thoughtful about the way we share the planet.  We welcome any feedback on how your child is implementing their learning at home.

Thank you for your support,

The Grade 3 Team

Where do you get your water from???
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Glass filled with drinking water from tap, isolated on the white background.



Things We’ve Been Doing Lately in Grade 3

  • Learning about geometry
  • Building polygons
  • Drawing and measuring angles
  • Researching inspirational people that interest us
  • Working with classmates
  • Teaching our classmates about people that inspire us
  • Writing about ourselves
  • Competing in Word Play Interhouse
  • Preparing for our Student Led Conferences

We are looking forward to sharing our learning with you on Thursday!

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Dr. Jane Goodall Visits Grade 3

During our “Where We Are In Place and Time” unit, Grade 3 felt privileged to welcome and hear from Dr. Jane Goodall. Here’s what a few Grade 3 students had to say about Dr. Goodall’s visit:

  • When Jane Goodall came to visit, we learned all about her early life and how she came to be who she is now. Grade 3 classes learned about Dr. Goodall’s life and her adventures with chimpanzees.  Mia
  • Jane Goodall visited our school to talk about herself and what she did. She told us that she wanted to see hens lay eggs.  Victoria

When students were asked how they felt about Dr. Goodall’s visit, here’s what a few students said:

*It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Ana

*I felt excited because I’ve never met a famous person. Shamoeel

*I thought it was exciting to learn things that were not in her books. Natasha

*I felt worried because I didn’t know if she would understand my questions for her. She did. Theo

*I thought it was exciting to learn about her life. Zainab

*I felt relieved because she really came. The first time we thought she was coming and she couldn’t. Hanno

*I think it’s a good way to learn about saving animals. Aimee

*I thought it was really inspirational. Ellie

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