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Language Diversity Week

A big thank you to all of the parents who planned and led the language carousel activities today! In grade 3 we learned greetings, numbers, letters, games and songs in Portuguese, Kiswahili, Norwegian, and Dutch. There will be a whole school assembly to celebrate language diversity at IST on Friday morning from 7:20 to 8 AM. Karibuni!

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Where We Are In Place and Time

Dear Grade 3 Families,

Where We Are In Time and Place is our fourth unit of inquiry. We are studying inspirational people and how they have changed the world. The students look at the different contributions people have made, how they were influenced by the events happening in society at the time they were living, and how the issues that were present at that time influenced them to take action. The different factors that lead people to take action and the changes in society resulting from these actions are discussed. We examine different perspectives including the question of whether a person is a hero to everyone or not and how people are affected differently by the same actions. We also look at how we can influence our communities and the responsibility we have to make a positive influence. Our Central Idea is “Throughout history, people have made contributions which have influenced our present world.”

We began our unit by asking students to talk with their parents about inspirational people from their cultures. As the students shared this information, other students were able to learn about different cultural heroes, as well as a bit of history. Then Mr. Haule and Ms. Rose gave a presentation on a local hero, John Magafuli, who has made big changes in his short time as president. They also talked about his influence in government for the past twenty years and how his strong personal qualities led to his election.

magafuli IMG_1984