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Unit 5 Place Value in Whole Numbers and Decimals

Dear Families,

In unit 5, children will review place value up to 5-digit whole numbers. They will read, write, compare, and order these numbers before they begin to explore larger numbers.

In second grade, children studied decimals by working with money. In this unit, they will gradually extend their knowledge of decimals in the following ways:

  • through concrete models, such as base-10 blocks
  • by writing decimal values in three ways (0.1, one-tenth, 1/10)
  • by comparing and ordering numbers with symbols (<, >, =)

Please follow this link to view vocabulary used in the unit as well as Do-Anytime Activity suggestions.


The Grade 3 Team

Reading Buddies

Today 3H met their KGW Reading Buddies. Before this meeting the Grade 3s planned what they would do with their buddies. They thought it would be a good idea to introduce themselves, find out what their buddies liked and then read books together. Please click on the link below to see how their first meeting went.

On a different note:  In Art, Grade 3s are working on creating human body system models from recycled materials. Please send in items that children might be able to reuse to create their models, like bubble wrap or bottle caps. Details will follow about when and where to see the finished models.