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Week of May 16th – 20th

Grade 2 students have been busy exploring their unit ‘Sharing the Planet’. They have researched the six ecosystems finding out about the animal and plant life in each one. We created food chains in the IT Lab and are investigating the relationships between various animals. The children were amazed to discover that a shrimp helps to clean an eel’s teeth in exchange for food! We’ve also been having fascinating discussions about humans impact on the environment through looking at photographs and sharing our existing knowledge.

In Language, we have continued with small moments and wrote about a special person in our life. We are now in the process of editing our narrative stories before publishing them into a book. We have learned to read back our writing to see if our sentences make sense and check for capitalization and punctuation. By reading to a partner we have learned to accept suggestions they make and expand on our ideas. In guided reading we are really enjoying exploring the Atlas and Thesaurus…we feel very ‘grown up’ with these books!

In Maths, we continue to investigate money by adding amounts together, working out the change and finding the equivalent value in notes and coins. We are developing our place value skills through games with dice and reinforcing our fast facts with computer games.

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Week of March 7th-11th

The Grade 2’s had a wonderful time performing in their Music Concert this morning. Lots of singing, dancing and instrument playing. Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend.

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We have started our new unit of inquiry, ‘Where We Are in Place and Time’ which is stimulating much curiosity and inquiring. Our central idea is, ‘Over time people’s curiosity has led them to think beyond our planet’. The children are reading non-fiction books about   the Earth, the Moon and the Sun and learning many new facts and making connections to their own knowledge.

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In Math, we have been exploring fractions and making equivalent fractions. The children enjoyed playing a fraction game to help develop their understanding. We continue to work on the concept of multiplication through math arrays, repeated addition and skip counting.

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….and finally some ‘Rocket Launching’ fun with our Grade 5 Book Buddies!


Jan. 25th-29th

This week the Grade 2 students showed their inquiry skills as they enthusiastically investigated how pulleys work. Mr.Mike, our PYP coordinator, used a variety of pulley systems to test which one was the most effective in lifting a heavy container of water. We even attempted to lift Ms.Sam on a pulley swing! All this scientific investigation led to constructing our own simple machines and describing its purpose.

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Week Nov.23rd-27th

Last Wednesday the Grade 2 children and their parents participated in our ‘Math Morning’. They were so enthusiastic to share their math knowledge and skills through various games. It was lovely to observe them taking the role of the teacher! We have started our new unit on ‘Shape and Space’. We have been exploring polygons, line segments, parallel lines and the attributes of 2D shapes.

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In language, the children continue to develop their reading response strategies through discussions and written responses. They have written some wonderful poetry using their imagination and adding adjectives to make it interesting for the reader. We have been working on our understanding of contractions through games.

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Our unit, ‘How We Organize Ourselves’ is generating much enthusiasm and inquiry by the children. They have explored the pyp attitudes of ‘cooperative’ and ‘empathy’ through games and storybooks. They are having great fun role playing workers on a banana plantation farm. They are learning to work together to ‘grow’ bananas, harvest them and then negotiate a price with a buyer. In our guided reading lessons we are reading our unit books on processes and learning many new facts.

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Week of Oct 19th – 23rd

In our unit, ‘How We Express Ourselves’ the students continue to develop their understanding of symbolism. Ms.Tabitha talked to us about Sign Language and showed us different signs and symbols to communicate. We learned the importance of also using ‘facial expressions’ to communicate a message. In maths, we are exploring place value with addition and subtraction, developing our concept of time and solidifying our skip counting skills. In writing we have started poetry and are having fun reading and writing free verse poems. We have worked to write poems collaboratively in small groups and will now attempt our own by looking at objects with our ‘poet eyes’.

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