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Reading aloud in Grade 2

Currently, Grade 2 students are enjoying listening to books that are part of a series.

One such series is Tashi.

Tashi stories embody cheekiness, cleverness, a sense of adventure and a love of storytelling. Family and friendships are a running theme throughout the books. The books are inspired by different cultures and mythologies. The illustrations are detailed which captures the children’s imagination.

While in grade 2, students are asked to read every day, this does not mean that parents and teachers should stop reading aloud to children.
Being read aloud to gives them exposure to a variety of writing styles and structures. It provides children with an opportunity to discover authors, and writing styles that are new to them. Adults model fluency, with reading pace, tone and expression.

The school library has the Tashi collection. Please visit them and see, which adventure your child would like to discover next.

Where we are in place and time

Grade Two are now inquiring into the views people have held throughout history on the Earth Moon and Sun.

Our central idea is, “Over time people’s curiosity has led them to think beyond planet Earth”

During this unit we will be asking the children the think about
The relationship between the Sun, Moon and Earth
Why did ancient cultures feel the need to make up stories about the planets?
How do we know what we know now?

This is a unit in which the children usually ask a lot of questions. If your child has any resources at home, such as books, especially if they are in your child’s first language please encourage your child to read them and bring them into school.

At some point after the Easter Break, we will email you about a ‘Star Gazing Evening’, when you and your child we be able to come to school in the evening and view the stars and the moon, through very powerful telescopes.

Inviting the Parents in

Our first week back after the break, was an exciting one in the second grade. 

IMG_1894Linking our Unit of Inquiry HOW WE ORGANISE OURSELVES with our writing focus EXPLANATION WRITING: Students researched a man-made process that they were interested in and create informative books to share with parents.


IMG_1891They used graphic organizers to help construct their outlines. Sequencing words, the steps involved, and the people working in the process were included at this stage.

Once their organizers contained all the steps, students added ideas for their opening and closing statements.


Then the fun began!

Students began putting their books together. They wrote out each step in detail, adding illustrations. Some students included glossaries, fun facts and/or recipes to their books. Beautiful title pages were done at the end.

          IMG_1890              IMG_1888                IMG_1889

Finally, the students were ready to invited parents into class to share their books.

IMG_1915       IMG_1906       IMG_1907

After the parent-share students reflected on the whole process and share their thoughts.

I could add more details to my writing.” – Lily

I think my pictures could be better. I could add more details”  – Thomas

My mom liked how I read it to her.” – Khaliyah

My mom was proud of me because I had a full stop after sentences, and my handwriting was neat.” – Emil

My mom was very impressed with my drawings.” – Eva

My mum and dad were proud of me. I can get the DVD I want!” – Thomas