Monthly Archives: May 2016

Week of May 16th – 20th

Grade 2 students have been busy exploring their unit ‘Sharing the Planet’. They have researched the six ecosystems finding out about the animal and plant life in each one. We created food chains in the IT Lab and are investigating the relationships between various animals. The children were amazed to discover that a shrimp helps to clean an eel’s teeth in exchange for food! We’ve also been having fascinating discussions about humans impact on the environment through looking at photographs and sharing our existing knowledge.

In Language, we have continued with small moments and wrote about a special person in our life. We are now in the process of editing our narrative stories before publishing them into a book. We have learned to read back our writing to see if our sentences make sense and check for capitalization and punctuation. By reading to a partner we have learned to accept suggestions they make and expand on our ideas. In guided reading we are really enjoying exploring the Atlas and Thesaurus…we feel very ‘grown up’ with these books!

In Maths, we continue to investigate money by adding amounts together, working out the change and finding the equivalent value in notes and coins. We are developing our place value skills through games with dice and reinforcing our fast facts with computer games.

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There has been great excitement in our classrooms this week as we have been researching various ecosystems such as, The Arctic, Rainforests, Forests, Oceans, Deserts and Freshwater. We have been developing our research skills by using computers, iPads and books to gather our information. We worked together in pairs or groups of three and cooperated well while becoming more knowledgeable. We had loads of fun sharing our findings!!