Reading aloud in Grade 2

Currently, Grade 2 students are enjoying listening to books that are part of a series.

One such series is Tashi.

Tashi stories embody cheekiness, cleverness, a sense of adventure and a love of storytelling. Family and friendships are a running theme throughout the books. The books are inspired by different cultures and mythologies. The illustrations are detailed which captures the children’s imagination.

While in grade 2, students are asked to read every day, this does not mean that parents and teachers should stop reading aloud to children.
Being read aloud to gives them exposure to a variety of writing styles and structures. It provides children with an opportunity to discover authors, and writing styles that are new to them. Adults model fluency, with reading pace, tone and expression.

The school library has the Tashi collection. Please visit them and see, which adventure your child would like to discover next.

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