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How The World Works

Simple Machines

This week we began our exciting new unit! We did some fun activities including “unpacking” the central idea which is, “simple machines use force to accomplish work and solve problems.”

We will be learning about the purpose the scientific method serves when solving problems. We will be looking at how force can be manipulated using simple machines and we will also be looking at compound machines.

Ask your child to show you all the simple machines that can be found in your home!

The children AND teachers are very excited about this unit!

Inviting the Parents in

Our first week back after the break, was an exciting one in the second grade. 

IMG_1894Linking our Unit of Inquiry HOW WE ORGANISE OURSELVES with our writing focus EXPLANATION WRITING: Students researched a man-made process that they were interested in and create informative books to share with parents.


IMG_1891They used graphic organizers to help construct their outlines. Sequencing words, the steps involved, and the people working in the process were included at this stage.

Once their organizers contained all the steps, students added ideas for their opening and closing statements.


Then the fun began!

Students began putting their books together. They wrote out each step in detail, adding illustrations. Some students included glossaries, fun facts and/or recipes to their books. Beautiful title pages were done at the end.

          IMG_1890              IMG_1888                IMG_1889

Finally, the students were ready to invited parents into class to share their books.

IMG_1915       IMG_1906       IMG_1907

After the parent-share students reflected on the whole process and share their thoughts.

I could add more details to my writing.” – Lily

I think my pictures could be better. I could add more details”  – Thomas

My mom liked how I read it to her.” – Khaliyah

My mom was proud of me because I had a full stop after sentences, and my handwriting was neat.” – Emil

My mom was very impressed with my drawings.” – Eva

My mum and dad were proud of me. I can get the DVD I want!” – Thomas

Solving Word Problems

This week Grade 2 students have been working on solving one step addition and subtraction word problems. They were asked  to apply their math to solve and answer ‘real’ problems.

P1050260 P1050256 P1050241 P1050240

Students have been taught to use a problem solving process to find the answer. One process has been to break a problem down by looking at:

  1. What do you know?
  2. What do you need to find out?
  3. How will you solve it?
  4. Check your answer.

This process allows the students to focus on the key parts of the problem and work out what they are looking for.  They then identify the operation and strategy they can use to solve the problem. In the end, it is important for the students to check their answers. Below are some examples of work.

P1050258P1050259 P1050250 P1050255 P1050245