Monthly Archives: December 2015

Week Nov.23rd-27th

Last Wednesday the Grade 2 children and their parents participated in our ‘Math Morning’. They were so enthusiastic to share their math knowledge and skills through various games. It was lovely to observe them taking the role of the teacher! We have started our new unit on ‘Shape and Space’. We have been exploring polygons, line segments, parallel lines and the attributes of 2D shapes.

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In language, the children continue to develop their reading response strategies through discussions and written responses. They have written some wonderful poetry using their imagination and adding adjectives to make it interesting for the reader. We have been working on our understanding of contractions through games.

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Our unit, ‘How We Organize Ourselves’ is generating much enthusiasm and inquiry by the children. They have explored the pyp attitudes of ‘cooperative’ and ‘empathy’ through games and storybooks. They are having great fun role playing workers on a banana plantation farm. They are learning to work together to ‘grow’ bananas, harvest them and then negotiate a price with a buyer. In our guided reading lessons we are reading our unit books on processes and learning many new facts.

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