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Music Concert

Dear parents,

The G1-G3-G5 music concert is coming up in December.  Our grade 1 students will be performing a dance to the Disney song “Under the Sea” from “The Little Mermaid”.  We have been practicing this in school following the choreography on a YouTube video.

Some of the children have asked the link to the video so they can practice at home.  They are free to do so.  You can find the song on:

Please note that, since quite a few Grade One students are struggling with left-right directions, especially when having to perform to the opposite side than performed on the video, we have decided that the students will just mirror the movements.  This means that when the video states to go RIGHT, our students are actually going LEFT.  They are just mirroring exactly what is happening on the video.  This is how we are practicing it in school and we kindly request to do the same at home in order to avoid confusing the children.

Thank you,

Grade One Team


Newsletter for How We Express Ourselves

Curriculum Newsletter – How We Express Ourselves

Primary Years Programme

Curriculum Information

Grade 1: Third Unit

IST Mission Statement

Challenging, inspiring and supporting all our students to fulfil their potential and improve the world.

Student Learning Outcomes

All students, regardless of their starting point, will think critically, achieve academically and develop the wisdom to make good choices. They will show curiosity and creativity in addressing authentic problems, local and global.

They will pursue their varied passions with enthusiasm, developing resilience, perseverance and confidence. Understanding the diversity of people and cultures, they will act kindly, fairly and responsibly.

Unit of Inquiry

Central Idea:

Ideas can be presented for a purpose and viewed in different ways.

Lines of enquiry:

The forms of presentations.

The purpose of presentations.

How people’s opinions about presentations can be different.

In what ways can I expect my child to show their understanding?

Your child will talk about the many forms that presentations come in such as video clips, puppet shows, people talking in front of an audience etc.

Your child will be able to give examples of a variety of presentations that they personally like and the three main purposes of presentations.

Your child will be able to explain in simple terms why they like these particular presentations and that not everyone has the same opinion as themselves.

How can I help my child?

Talk about different presentations that they have been exposed to recently.

Identify the purpose behind the presentation – Persuade, Inform and Entertain.

Look at books, magazines, TV shows and Internet that shows different forms of presentations.

Talk to family and friends about the different presentations that they have seen.

Talk to your child about how people come to form an opinion and that people have a right to different opinions.

Discuss different types of audiences and how presentations are aimed at specific audiences. For example people performing for young children will often use bright colours and movement.

(If your child is a second language learner, they will benefit greatly, by discussing concepts in their home language with you. They will then transfer that knowledge to their second language taught at school).

Kind Regards,

The grade 1 team