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Math, anyone?

Somehow, mathematics continues to be one of the subjects that students most often consider themselves to be simply “good at” or “not.”

This is really an unfortunate way for children to think, especially as recent research shows that everyone is able to achieve mathematical thinking to a high level. It’s not that some children are more mathematically inclined than others, it’s just that the skills we require to reach these levels do need practice, (like with sports, or learning a new instrument, if we would like to get better at it).

Building on Number Sense:

Number sense here is defined here as the ability to use and think about numbers in flexible ways. More on this topic can be found in the link below.


This week, we would like to share with you some links that can help students to learn to be confident using and manipulating numbers.  The links below can support any child to review number bonds, as well as strengthening their number sense through fun games available online.

Basic skills:

Basic Operations bingo


For further reading on how parents and teachers can help to promote the development of positive attitude towards math:

Please enjoy!

Experience Firsthand!

Could you imagine experiencing these challenges every day as you are learning new concepts and skills? 


Visual Distractions

Auditory Distractions



Recall and Understanding



Source: All Kind of Minds