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Play Board Games and Card Games!!

Popular Board Games
Popular Board Games

The Benefits of Playing Board and Card Games
As we approach the long holiday, many IST families will be travelling. One of the activities on most peoples list of holiday fun is shopping, for all the things that are either expensive or unavailable in Tanzania! One of the items on many parents shopping list is toys and games for children – for their next birthday, other cultural celebration and gifts for others for the year ahead. It is easy to select popular items such as lego, sports equipment, art and craft supplies, play dough etc but forget about another type of toy that children of all ages will enjoy and benefit from too – board games and card games.

Some examples of popular board games are Monopoly, Cluedo, Settlers of Catan, Chess, Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, Trivial Pursuit and Battleships. Some examples of popular card games are Uno, Snap, Happy Families, Go Fish and Top Trumps. The article below talks about the many benefits of playing games with your children. Benefits include mental agility, maths skills, language skills, social skills, decision making, learning to lose skills and strategy skills.

Maybe the two most important benefits are that they are a fun alternative to screen-based activities and are an opportunity to spend quality time with your child and as a family. So update your summer shopping list and include a couple or board games and card games!