Reading is Thinking!

As parents, we have all looked forward to that magical time when we snuggle with our children and a good book and transport ourselves to another world. However we have also experienced the time when after a long, tiring day at work; we have found ourselves automatically reading an entire page or two while our brain has been simultaneously making a list of jobs still to do. It is not until our child asks a question or makes a comment that we realize we have no idea what we just read! This type of reading fluently without comprehension is simply ‘word calling’.

All teachers of reading evaluate both a child’s reading fluency, as well as, his or her comprehension. Some children appear to be good readers, but are reading on ‘autopilot’ with little or no comprehension. Reading is a complex, active process of constructing meaning.

When studying the behaviors of good readers as opposed to poor readers, researchers found that proficient readers continually monitor their comprehension. Lori Jamison Rog has developed a simple metaphor of a remote control to assist readers in monitoring their own comprehension. This simple intervention can be used as a bookmark to remind children to stop and reflect as they are reading.

Remote Control Bookmark for Comprehension

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