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Gymnastics in Grade 2

In grade two students have been exploring the idea of creating different movements that can be put together. Students have been gaining an understanding of how movements can be linked to make a sequence. This has been a cooperative effort with a partner and also one that requires lot’s of talking, reflection and doing before a finished product is ready to be shown to others. There has been a lot of discussion and demonstration about what makes a movement a linking movement. Once with their partner then begins the real test to see if the plan and the moves chosen fit together. We have all levels of learners in class and it is common to see a partnership of two students with varying abilities.

Grade 3 Health & Fitness Spotlight

Grade Three classes took off on their new unit of Health and Fitness by brainstorming about these questions:
* Describe ways to improve or become physically fit
* What types of fitness are there?
* How does nutrition link to your health?
* What does being physically fit mean to you?

Groups explored, discussed and arrived with many different responses, can you match those responses to the questions above? Give it a try!

Being Healthy
Nonstop running for 5 minutes
Run at least 1-2xs/day
Doing different types of sports
Pull ups
We get pumped up when we run
We should drink water to keep us strong
The types of food you eat will give you certain types of energy
Drinking water to keep hydrated
Push ups
Weight Lifting
Long Jump
High Jump
Jumping Rope
Mountain Climbing
Fitness Games
Climbing trees

Stay tuned to find out what the Six Daily Life Movements are that 3rd Graders will be learning and exploring next.