Students are exposed to many of these resources in music class however, there are a few fantastic websites and ipad apps that we don’t get the chance to work with.

If you have any recommendations for amazing music resources, please email us!


Practice everyday PDF

How to Read Music

Practice charts

Recorder Practice Sheet

Practice-chart from making music fun


8-Practice-Hacks from the

Music Videos

The Orchestra Song on YOUTUBE

The Piano Guys youtube channel

Louisville Leopard Percussionists youtube channel

Nursery rhyme sing-a-long

Music Games

The internet is a fabulous resource for Music games, and we would like to share some of our favourites with you here:

NY Philharmonic – Visit the game room for musical fun

Instrument Making and Instrument Matching

Music Games from PBS-especially Global Grover, Make the Band, Whats that Sound, Follow the Stars

Jazz music-Explore Jazz music with PBS

Games from classics for kids-Our favourite games include compose your own music Composer Time Machine and Note names

Exploratorium – Explore music in unique and fun ways

Carnegie Hall Resources – Games and listening guides

HelpKidzLearn – Making Music: Simple on-screen piano

Toy Theater – Drum Beats, Music Maker, Composer and Piano Puppet

Shaun the Sheep – Bleat Box, make music with sheep

Musical Stories

Over in the Meadow

The Animal Boogie

Knick Knack Paddy Wack

If Your Happy and You Know it

Walking through the Jungle

Music APPS

We have been exploring some music APPS in class, and the students are asking about how to get them at home.  Here are the links to some of our favourites:

Blob Chorus

Tune Train

Rainbow Notes

Sound Recall

Music Theory (Owl)




My Orchestra App

Rhythm Cat

Treble Cat

Learn and Play Recorder

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