Music Team: Ms. Kober

There are three of us working in the elementary music department this year. We are going to introduce ourselves one by one and tell you a little bit about us. Today’s focus is Ms. Kober.


How long have you been working at IST?
I have now been working at IST for four years. This is my fifth year.

What instruments do you play?
I have been singing since the age of oneĀ  and started playing the violin at five years old. I have played with orchestras and symphonies around the world. I have also learned a number of other instruments including mandolin, viola, flute, ukulele and piano.

What is your favourite type of music to listen to? What is your favourite type of music to play?
I enjoy listening to many types of music, but, my favourite genres would be Film soundtracks and Indie Folk Rock. I enjoy playing Jazz and Classical music.

What are you looking forward to this year at IST?
I am looking forward to incorporating more of the play based learning philosophy into the music program for early years students. I am also looking forward to working with students in the older grades and doing more music/tech projects in the new music lab.

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