Grade 2 hunts for new books

Ms. Ashleigh’s Grade 2s** came to the library a week ago to find out how to look for new books independently. They started with a hunt, using index cards labeled with Fiction Call Numbers.

Successful hunters came back with a book that matched their index card.

Most grade 2s quickly found the shelf and book that matched.  Ms. Karen then talked about using Destiny Quest to look for new books, and searching for books of interest, outside the students’ usual habits.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 1.26.00 pm

Today, during 2B’s independent checkout time, these same students searched Destiny …


Copied a call number …


Searched the shelves …


Tried the book …


And then checked out.  All on their own.  Great hunting!!

** Ditto Ms. Alefiyah’s, Ms. Lisa’s and Ms. Louise’s classes.

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