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Linking with units of inquiry

In Grade 3 French we have been linking with their Where We Are in Place and Time unit by learning about an inspirational French person: Jacques Cousteau. Students have been inquiring into his life and achievements and learning how to describe him in French.





In Grade 4 French we have been linking with their How We Express Ourselves unit by learning about the techniques of a famous French artist: Henri Matisse. The students are using vocabulary about shape, color, and feelings to describe his work and their own work.






Technology meets French class

The grade 4s having been working on a project in French class that involved creating a collage about themselves, introducing themselves, and then recording their voices using an iPad application called Aurasma. Aurasma is an augmented reality app and it allowed the students to present themselves in a whole new way. By hovering their iPads over a classmate’s collage, they could watch and listen to their classmate tell about his or herself. They also had to fill in a sheet called “Trouve quel qu’ un…” – and find someone in the class who fit each description. It was a great way to learn about each other… in French! A big thanks to Mr. John for all his help…

Students at work

Parth and Dev Chloe and Saveesha Ioanni and Rylan Alhan and Ruhi John taking a photo