Students – teaching – Teachers

It’s been a fairly quiet at school recently, due to background political events, which has provided the opportunity to ‘experiment’ with some ICT related projects that normally might not make it into the weekly planner book. With small class sizes (attendance is around 50%) students have become the experts and are teaching their teachers how to use iPad apps to be creative.

In a particular class, working with me at the moment, students were grouped in pairs and taught themselves how to use one of the following creativity apps:

Book Creator


Puppet Pals 2

Paper 53

PS Express

Draw & Tell




Students with this knowledge then demonstrated the app to the class and took turns explaining how to be creative using the app with the teacher. A colleague experimented too, and had students collaborating to lead their teachers through a Minecraft tutorial. Students-teaching-teachers…. I won’t have a job for long!


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