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Safe Touch Lessons

As you already know, IST is committed to ensuring the protection of all of our students. As part of this commitment, students will be receiving a series of lessons this term during which the counselors will provide opportunities for learning personal safety skills.

SafeTouchPosterIn these child protection lessons, children will learn the following skills:

Touching Safety: Students will learn about safe, unsafe, and unwanted touches, and rules about touching private body parts. They’ll also learn to say no to unsafe or unwanted touches, and to tell an adult if someone breaks rules about touching private body parts.

Assertiveness: These lessons will also give students a chance to practice asking an adult for help, telling an adult about an unsafe situation, and being assertive to get out of unsafe situations.

Your child will bring home worksheets to help you understand what he or she is learning about safety at school and to give your child another chance to practice safety skills. If you have any questions regarding the child protection lessons, please contact the counselor assigned to your child’s grade level.



The ES Counselors!

Version 2This year, Lynn Kogelmann will be working with grades KG, 1 & 2, whilst Klara Jaeger will continue work with grades 3, 4 & 5.

Lynn is originally from the US, and is joining us this year from China where she worked at the International School of Beijing. If you see her, say Hello!