Information for Parents

Information for Parents


In keeping with IST’s Mission Statement and Objectives, the Elementary School offers a diverse After School Activities program to enable students to develop their skills, talents and interests in areas outside our curriculum. Our mission is to develop confident and committed students that are enthusiastic and well balanced learners. The after school activities program is an integral and vibrant part of our educational mission as IST seeks to develop our students into well rounded global citizens.

At IST we believe that our After School Activity program plays a vital role in developing our students. Activities at IST provide:

• Opportunities for students to engage in safe and fun recreational activities that extend their educational experience.
• Opportunities to socialize with other children outside regular friendship groups.
• Avenues to work with and support the local Tanzanian community
• Opportunities to focus on the local environment
• Competitive and non-competitive sporting opportunities.
• Opportunities to serve the school community.
• New students with opportunities to help them cope with transition.
• Opportunities for all children to develop their confidence and self-esteem.

There are three activity sessions throughout the year. Sign Up Takes place at the start of each session:

Session 1 – September to December
Session 2 – January to March
Session 3 – March to June

Activities fall into one of three categories; Creativity (Arts, Music, Languages), Sport or Service Learning (formerly Community Service). Students in Grade 1-2 can choose a maximum of two activities. Students in Grade 3, 4 and 5 can choose three activities. Reserve activities are also chosen as some activities are very popular and fill up quickly. Students are encouraged to choose activities from all three categories. Students in Grade 5 must take at least one community service activity during the year.

Sign Up Procedures
Sign up takes place three times during the year and  takes place online, using a program specifically designed for IST. There are several stages to the process.

1. Parents receive an email from the ASA Coordinator, including passwords and sign up procedures.
2. Parents will register their children through the IST Activities Blog:
3. Parents receive a confirmation email of activities selected.
4. After sign up is closed, activities are allocated by an automated system,
5. Parents will then receive a final email confirming activities allocated for their child, along with the activity leaders name and contact details.

Allocation of Activities
Once registration is closed, the automated system allocates all first choice activities on a first come, first served basis. Then second choice activities are allocated and finally third choice activities. Reserve choices are then allocated if a student’s other choices are full.

Late registration
Registration after the deadline will be accepted only for activities that have not reached maximum numbers.

Activities that have a low number of registrations may not open.

Some classes require a fee for materials, uniforms or use of external agencies. This will be highlighted in the activity description that parents see before sign up

Activities run daily from 1.55pm to 2.40pm. On activity days, children remain in class for 5 minutes after the dismissal bell at 1.45pm. A second bell will then ring at 1.50pm, when a 5 minute transition will commence before the start of activities at 1.55pm.Children not involved in an after school program are not permitted to remain on campus unsupervised after 1.45 p.m. It is important for the safety of all students that are not in an activity, that they proceed home directly.

Pick up
Parents will collect children from their activity location at 2.40pm. Any children not collected by 2.50pm will be sent to the school office. Parents are not encouraged to watch activities as this can distract the children or the activity leader.

Bad weather/Cancellation of classes
Our philosophy is not to cancel activities unless there is no other alternative. Even if the weather is inclement, the various classes will employ alternative activities for the students on these days. If you are concerned about your son and daughter staying after school on such days, please contact the school if you wish for them to go home. Otherwise, expect them to participate in the day’s planned program. Should an activity have to be cancelled, parents will receive a message from school to inform them of this.

Emergency Procedures
The same procedures will be followed as during the school day:
• Fire alarm – activity leaders will walk children in orderly fashion to the field. Leaders will register their children and inform administration of any absences
• Lock down – groups will remain in classroom or move to nearest lockable room until all clear is signaled.

We want our students to be committed and enthusiastic learners. Please support your child with the following:

Be committed – Once signed up for an activity, students are expected to attend every session (barring illness, injury etc) Any planned absence should be communicated to the activity leader – by email from parents, or in person by the child themselves – this is a great habit for children to develop. If a student finds they do not like an activity, we encourage them to persevere for a few sessions and talk to the activity leader. Three unexplained absences will result in a student’s place being given to someone else.

Be respectful – Students are expected to be polite and respectful to activity leaders and the rest of the children in their group. Activities are a privilege!

Be on time – Students should do their best to be on time at the start of an activity. Parents should be on time to collect their children from their activity location at 2.40pm (3.30pm for late activities)

In the event of a student behaving inappropriately the following action will be taken:

1. Activity leader will inform the ASA Coordinator of the issue.
2. A standard letter will be sent to parents to inform them. This letter will act as a warning.
3. ASA Coordinator will speak to student concerned, the activity leader and may observe the activity.
4. Should the same problem occur again the student will be withdrawn from the activity.
5. This will be documented in the student’s file and their class teacher will be informed.

At IST we recognize that After School Activities can help smooth a child’s transition into our school in several ways:

• By increasing their social contacts at school including getting to know new teachers
• By re-engaging in activities that have been an important part of their lives in their previous school
• By helping them to understand that they are part of our community

Students who arrive during the school year will be given priority to sign up for activities of their choice.

The ASA program relies on parent helpers to provide a stimulating and broad range of activities. If you can spare the time and you have a particular interest, please see the ASA Coordinator to discuss the possibilities. Your help will be greatly appreciated, particularly by our students.