Monthly Archives: April 2017

ASA Session Three

Session three of ASA’s will start on Monday 24 April and run for six weeks until Friday 2 June. Unfortunately, we experienced a problem with the ASA software and some parents were emailed twice. Please disregard the second email (sent on Monday 17 April) as information in it may be incorrect. Please email Neil Cook for clarification (

Here are a few ASA reminders:
• Most activities are from 1.55pm to 2.40pm. Children who are enrolled in late activities starting at 2.45pm, and who are not taking another activity first, will proceed to the library for supervised time until the start of their activity.
• Parents/guardians of students in Grade 1 and 2 must collect children from the activity location. Please note this is mandatory. Children not collected by 2.50pm will be escorted to the school office for collection.
• Students in Grade 3 to 5 can be collected from their activity location or may proceed to the waiting area of the main car park.
• You can find out the location of each activity on the schedule ASA schedule where you will also see any activities that still have space highlighted in red.
• Children who are enrolled in offsite activities (Tennis. Little Einsteins etc) will receive more information before the first day of the activity.
If you have not yet signed your child up for ASA’s, please feel free to email me.