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Welcome to the International School of Tanganyika’s  ES After School Activities information site. Here you will find what’s happening, student activities and much more.

The schedule for session two is available here:

Session Two Schedule – January 2017

Sign up for session two is now open and will remain open until Wednesday 21 December. Please click on “sign up” icon on the right had side of this blog. For more detailed background information about the program, click on the “Information for Parents” tab at the top of this blog.


ASA Update – December 2016

Session one of after school activities will finish on Friday 2 December. I would like to thank all the ASA leaders for their hard work and commitment over the last twelve weeks. The ASA assembly, on Thursday 8 December will be a celebration of the achievements of our students during the first session. Parents will be informed by email if your child is involved in the assembly. All parents are welcome to attend.
Session Two of ASA’s
Sign up for ASA session two is on the horizon and parents need to be aware of the following timeline:
Monday 12 December – Session Two Schedule is available for viewing on ASA blogsite; http://blogs.istafrica.com/esasa/
Wednesday 14 to Wednesday 21 December – Sign up is open
W/b Monday 9 January – Parents receive confirmation of activities allocated.
Monday 16 January – Session two begin.
Grade 4-5 Football Finals – Saturday 3 December at HOPAC
IST will be entering two boys’ and two girls’ teams in the tournament. Parents of children involved have been contacted by email. Please note that buses leave at 7.15am from the Secondary School main car park. Good luck to all the players and coaches involved.

ASA Update – November 2016

The activity program is back in full swing. Taking a walk around school during ASA time, you will see and hear some incredible things going on – Young Journalists are planning surveys and interview questions for articles for their newsletter. Photo Fun students have been experimenting with taking extreme close ups – the results are amazing. The Tanzanian Cooking group made an extremely tasty Chicken Pilau. Chess Club has been setting problems for each other and trying to work out how to solve them. Urban Dance group has been learning some very cool new dance moves. Community Service Swim students are in the pool playing with children from the visiting autistic school. The Animation and Recycling group has been gluing and and painting the props for their forthcoming films and as ever there’s plenty of sporting action with Football, Swimming, Volleyball, Basketball, Floor Hockey to name but a few.
Inter School Football
The Grade 3, 4 and 5 boys’ and girls’ football teams are already back in action, playing games on Wednesdays and Fridays. Results at all levels have been extremely positive and the teams are looking forward to their upcoming finals competitions.
ASA Dates to Remember
Saturday 5 November – Swim Squad Gala at HOPAC
Tuesday 8 November – Development Gala at IST
Saturday 19 November – Grade 3 Football Finals at IST
Tuesday 22 November – Swim Squad Gala at IST
Friday 2 December – Last day of ASA’s and ASA assembly
Saturday 3 December – Grade 4 -5 Football Finals at HOPAC
Parents will receive more detailed information about each event closer to the time.

After School Activities for 2016-2017

A very warm welcome to all our new families and welcome back to our “oldies”. Session one of after school activities (ASA’s) is on the horizon and is due to start in the fourth week of the term on Monday 29th August. Parents need to be aware of the following timeline for sign up:
Wednesday 17 August – All parents of children in Grade 1 to 5 will receive an email containing information for ASA session one, including username and password for registration.
Thursday 18 to Monday 22 August – Sign up is open on the through the ASA blog: http://blogs.istafrica.com/esasa/
Wednesday 24 August – Parents receive a final email informing you of your child’s allocated activities.
Monday 29 August – ASA program begins
For more background information about elementary school ASA’s, please refer to the “Information for Parents” section on the ASA blogsite: http://blogs.istafrica.com/esasa/
Inter-school Competitive Sport
The two inter-school sports for the first semester will be football (soccer) and swimming. Students in Grade 2-5 will have the opportunity to represent IST in regular swim galas with other schools from around Dar es Salaam as well as the Tanzanian Schools’ gala that will be hosted at IST in May. Please see details below about the after school swimming placements. Football is probably the most popular sport at IST with boys and girls signing up in large numbers. During the first semester teams from Grade 3, 4 and 5 represent IST in local leagues and football will also be included in the Tanzania Schools’ tournament in May.

After School Activities – Session Three

By the end of the first week back, parents of students in Grade 1-5 will have received the confirmed activities email. Session three of ASA’s will start on Monday 11 April and run for eight weeks, finishing on Friday 3 June. Here are a few reminders:

Most activities are from 1.55pm to 2.40pm. Children who are enrolled in late activities starting at 2.45pm, and who are not doing another activity first, will proceed to the library for study time until the start of their activity.
Parents/guardians of students in Grade 1 and 2 must collect children from the activity location. Please note this is mandatory. Children not collected by 2.50pm will be escorted to the school office for collection. You can find the find out the location of each activity on the ASA schedule.
Students in Grade 3 to 5 can be collected from the activity location or may proceed to the waiting area at the main car park.
If your child has not received their full allocation of activities, please check the schedule for those activities that still have space.
If you have not yet signed your child up for ASA session three, please feel free to email me (ncook@istafrica.com) or drop by the PE office.

Sign up for ASA Session Three

After School Activity Update
Session two of after school activities is drawing to a close with Friday 18 March being the last day.
Session Three Sign Up 
Sign up for session three will be open during the last week of term and parents need to be aware of the following timeline:
Monday 21 March – Parents receive an email with sign up information/ passwords etc. Schedule available for viewing on blogsite.
Wednesday 23 March to Sunday 3rd April – sign up is open. Please remember that sign up is not first come first served, so please take your time to make your choices with your child.
Wednesday 6 April – parents are emailed with final activity choices
Monday 10 April – ASA session three starts and runs for eight weeks, finishing on Friday 3 June.

Upcoming ASA Dates:

Here are some important dates for the last few weeks of term. Parents of children involved in these events will receive more detailed information closer to the time.

Saturday 28 November  – G3 Football Finals at IST

Monday 30 November – Development Squad Gala at DIA

Friday 4 December – Last Day of ASA Session One

Saturday 5 December – G4-5 Football Finals at HOPAC

Friday 11 December – ASA Assembly, 7.20am

 Sign up for session two of ASA’s will take place during the last week of term, with activities starting in week two after the Christmas holiday (Monday 11th January) More detailed information will come out soon.
If any parent would like to lead an activity during session two, please contact me in the coming to weeks to make plans (ncook@istafrica.com)


Written by: Roselyn Antwi, Guest Writer

This afternoon as I walked through the campus I was filled with many emotions. I felt proud to be apart of such a dynamic community of learners. I also felt excited as I anticipated final projects that would be created at the end of this after school session.  Mostly, I felt inspired.

The grade 3-5 students in The Community Service Swim Team instantly made me feel Inspired to give more of my time and more of myself.


IST students actively swam, coached and played with disabled students from     Mbagala.  The smiles and laughter on the faces of the students and teachers were a great indication of the powerful impact this 40 minutes has on them.


My visit with Roots and Shoots further strengthened this desire. I was able to listen in as the students planned a fundraiser to help vaccinate stray cats in Dar.



Then Medha from 3W inspired me to be a risk taker when I spent some time with her in the Skateboarding Activity.   When asked why she chose skateboarding she replied, “There are a lot of skateboarding competitions in India. I want to learn skateboarding so I can compete in some of them”

IMG_0277                                                  IMG_0247








With their Downward Dogs and Sun Salutations, The Power Yoga group inspired me to take a moment, relax and look inside.


Brooke in 4D agreed, “I felt peaceful”



The Henna Activity inspired me to look for beauty all around.


“I chose the Henna activity again because I like creating designs on my hand.” Sophia 3B

 Then, I felt inspired to build a house after Grade 3 students Magus, Hanno and Issac described the Lego house they built.


“Here is the huge TV with a sofa and XBOX 360. Then there is a rollercoaster that goes to the hot tub, but first it takes you to an automatic changing room.” When can I move in?

Finally I felt inspired to have some fun!! The students in the Board Game Activity were actively playing with and or creating board games. While playing chess with another Grade 1 student Alex said: “I like chess because I like grown up games.”

IMG_0092 IMG_0099







Riana in Grade 1 added: “I decided to make my own game because my favorite game isn’t here.



I look forward to more inspiration as I visit with more after school activities.