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Gr 2 Understanding the Art World

Grade Two students have been studying the world of artists and learning from their work by looking at Aboriginal Art. We realized that these artists use symbols to communicate their stories, also called dreamings, and thought of our own imaginary adventures between all the strange creatures of Australia. Whenever we couldn’t find a symbol that fit our needs, we had to design our own.

These are the steps we used to create our artwork: dscn5037 dscn5038 dscn5036dscn5039

Kindergartners are Envisioning and Expressing

“To imagine what can’t be seen and think of the steps that can be used to express a feeling or idea.”

In Kindergarten, learners took a “mind picture” of a family member and created a puppet with the correct colored skin, hair and other features. We had quite a few giggles as they discussed they their families!

We also looked at art by the Russian painter, Wassily Kandinsky, and discussed the way in which he used shapes and lines to express himself. Students then went on to create a work of art in a similardscn5025 style.dscn5020 dscn5021 dscn5022 dscn5023 style.

Grade 5- Observe and Reflect

Grade 5 students chose a part of the globe that they had a connection with. They then enlarged the map by using the grid method, colored it using watercolor pencils and burned the edges, which was probably the most exciting part of the project! Some comments:

Amal: “I didn’t know that people used candles in the old days and that’s why the edges of their maps got burnt.”

Carmen: “I learned a new way of drawing maps instead of just drawing it off the internet.”

Cici: “I learnt how to use a grid to enlarge a map.”

Ruhi: “I learnt about the continent I was born in. I enjoyed burning the edges.”

Ronnie: “Burning the edges was easier than I thought.”

Alhan: “Burning the map was really fun.”

Hakan: “I learned how to construct maps. I enjoyed burning the maps.”

dscn4713 dscn4714





Grade 3

Grade Three students have been looking at “Understanding the Art World.” During this unit we are studying the work of the Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh. His use of color to create movement was something that we tried to copy while creating our masterpieces.

DSCN4702 DSCN4703 DSCN4704

Welcome to Art 2016/17!

Welcome to all new and returning artists. This year we have great projects coming up and we can’t wait to get started.
Students started with sketchbook and folder labels in which they will take all their work home at the end of the year.
On Mondays and Wednesdays during lunch break, the art rooms will be available for those students who would like to have some quiet time and do extra art, drawing, card making, etc.
We are looking forward to the year and to exposing our budding artists to the wonderful world of art!