Grade 5- Observe and Reflect

Grade 5 students chose a part of the globe that they had a connection with. They then enlarged the map by using the grid method, colored it using watercolor pencils and burned the edges, which was probably the most exciting part of the project! Some comments:

Amal: “I didn’t know that people used candles in the old days and that’s why the edges of their maps got burnt.”

Carmen: “I learned a new way of drawing maps instead of just drawing it off the internet.”

Cici: “I learnt how to use a grid to enlarge a map.”

Ruhi: “I learnt about the continent I was born in. I enjoyed burning the edges.”

Ronnie: “Burning the edges was easier than I thought.”

Alhan: “Burning the map was really fun.”

Hakan: “I learned how to construct maps. I enjoyed burning the maps.”

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