Monthly Archives: November 2015

Grade Two Painted stories

Grade Two classes have been inquiring into Aboriginal Art and looking at how their paintings tell stories using signs and symbols. They also wrote their own stories and turned them into paintings. Here are photos of some work in progress. These vibrant paintings will be exhibited once they are completed.


Grade Two paintings that tell stories on PhotoPeach

Grade 1- How we express ourselves.

During art, students are working on paper mache masks and puppets, which they will then use to express themselves in different ways. Some random quotes while working with the paper mache were:
“Awesome! I get to make a mask on my birthday, and that’s the best part!”
“I think mine’s going to look good.”
“It’s too sticky and gooey.”
“I’ve made so many layers but I forgot to count how many.”
“The glue is like jelly.”
“I don’t like that it gets squishy.”
“I’m going to make a lion or a tiger.”
“I can’t wait to paint it.”
“O yuk! Can I wash my hands?”
“Massaging it is hard work.”

Grade 1 students hard at work! on PhotoPeach

Kindergarten Construction

Construction play is essential to any young child. It involves manipulating one or multiple elements of the play environment to construct something new. This may involve all sorts of construction methods – stacking, assembling, disassembling, sorting or moulding, to name a few.

Construction play develops all types of skills and behaviors, like:

– The physical skills necessary to manipulate and control the chosen toy or material,

– Problem solving skills,

– The ability to plan the use of materials to see a design idea become a reality,

– The ability to test ideas. Failures are a great way for them to learn!

– Perseverance in the face of construction challenges,

– When working with others, team work behaviors necessary to successfully and collaboratively complete a task together,

– Development of language skills.