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Language Week and the Friendship Duka

Hello, مرحبا, Hola, Hallo, 您好, Jambo, and Namaste,
No matter how you say it, language week has been a lot of fun. A special thank you goes out to the language week team, and to all of the parents who gave their time and energy to help with Wednesday’s language activities and Friday’s friendship duka. Early Childhood students were wished a happy new year in Mandarin, heard a story in Maori, sang songs in Spanish, and played simon says in Tamili. We also gave each other gifts on Friday at the friendship duka. It was a fun week!

Language Week on PhotoPeach

Early Intervention in the Early Years

Please follow the link below for insight into what Early Intervention is in Early Childhood and KG.  Miss Heidi, our Early Intervention teacher, works across EC and KG to support student learning in our 4 Domains: Personal, Social, Emotional Development, Physical Development, Cognitive Development and Creative Development.  Please check out her blog to learn more!

To learn more, click here for Ms. Heidi’s website.