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EC in the library

EC students are inquiring into making observations and stories.  They had a chance to put the two strands together in the library this week.

A bulbul fledgling, rescued by some teachers’ children, has been cared for in the library for about two weeks.  The EC children watched it for about a minute.


Children then said what they’d seen and heard – fluttering wings, twittering, a yellow bottom.  Ms. Karen answered questions about feeding and caring for the bird.


EC kids were then transfixed by a story about a young mole who rescued a baby bird and struggled with whether to keep it as a pet or release it.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.26.06 am

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.26.39 am

Some EC children agreed that letting the bird fly free was the best thing to do.   Some said they would have liked to keep the bird.   We agree.   But the library bird will be released in about a week, once it is flying and eating independently.



Furahia Siku!

On Friday, 15th January 2016, EC participated in the Elementary event “Furahia Siku”.  This means ‘Celebration Day’ in Kiswahili.  On this day, we celebrated Kiswahili language and culture through a variety of activities.  As a part of the IB Curriculum, developing an appreciation, understanding and enthusiasm for the host country is an integral part of student learning.  This special day helped to promote an understanding of Tanzanian culture and customs,  not to mention it was a lot of fun!

We first joined the school assembly, where we witnessed a kanga fashion show, participated in singing some Kiswahili songs with the choir and saw some traditional drumming and dancing.  Then, it was on to the EC unit for some more activities!

Students listened to a traditional Tanzanian folk story told through voice and action.  We got to see some traditional instruments and had a lot of fun watching Mr. Innocent and Miss Nsia act out the story!  Next, we visited Miss Happy at the kanga duka.  She showed us all the fun ways that kangas can be used, such as for clothing, curtains, carrying babies, and to help us carrying baskets on our heads.  We even got to try!  Miss Tabitha then taught us some traditional Tanzanian games and we played together.  We loved playing ‘dodgeball’ with the homemade ball, and especially loved the ‘simba’ game where we had to race past the lions to get home!  Lastly, we joined Miss Sarah and Miss Ikupa for some Tanzanian cooking.  We loved learning how to make ugali and beans, and our favourite part was when we got to eat it at lunch!  Please talk to your child about this special day and perhaps even try some of these fun activities at home.

Please see below for some pictures of Furahia Siku.  We hope to continue to express appreciation for Tanzania and Kiswahili within our school and community.

 Furahia Siku 2016 on PhotoPeach