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Sharing Is Caring

Early Childhood’s Who We Are unit focuses on a sense of identity as the basis on which we form strong reciprocal relationships.  Most students quickly develop a sense of ownership and identity within the classroom where they spend most of their time, but what about the other kids and teachers that are always out on the veranda, using the outdoor garden, or doing their own thing in that classroom next door?  How do they fit into an Early Childhood student’s sense of self?  

The understanding that we encourage is that the entire Early Childhood team is a broader community of learners, and all of our classrooms are open to including students from across the grade level to come and learn together in different classrooms.  This concept allows for a larger sense of belonging for our students, and a stronger sense of community across all of our classrooms, giving students the freedom and confidence to explore learning in different environments.

Shared Classrooms on PhotoPeach

International Day 2015

Thanks to everyone for their contributions during last Friday’s International Day!  Our students had a wonderful experience participating in the parade, attending the cultural assembly and exploring the various country booths.  Students were eager to share their traditional dress or country colour with peers and recognized many familiar flags.  Thank you all for supporting your child through this new experience and a special thanks goes to everyone who volunteered on this special day.  We could not have done it without you!

Here are some photos of our special day.  We hope you enjoy!

International Day 2015 on PhotoPeach