Monthly Archives: September 2015

Building Relationships, Exploring Identity

The new school year is well underway. We have observed many of our EC2 children reconnect with familiar friends and we have enjoyed welcoming our new friends into our EC community. Over the last weeks we have spent time getting to know one another through interactions in our play and our daily routines, and we are beginning to understand and connect with each other more.

Building Relationships, Inquiring into Identity on PhotoPeach

This early relationship building has been a perfect connection to our “Who we Are’ Unit of Inquiry as we begin to explore the idea that “A sense of identity helps us form strong reciprocal relationships.” We have spent time inquiring into the concepts of ‘Identity’ and ‘Relationships’. Together we have discussed what these words could mean and we have shared a piece of our identity with our friends:
“I’ve got two cats called Bluebell and Diamond. And my grandparents have got a dog called Barnie and he’s black.” Ben
“I’m from Norway!” Lily
“One day my brother was playing with my pink beads and he lost them but I found them again. My brother is called Joe-boy.” Anna
We decided that an important part of our identity is our family. We talked about how our families are unique and shared our family photos with our friends. We look forward to discovering more about each other, our identities, and sense of self, as we continue our ‘Who we Are’ inquiry throughout the year.